"Together they radiate a lot of positive energy"

"Together they radiate a lot of positive energy"

"The two songwriters present beautiful country music, heart-warming, sometimes also bittersweet, but always building soft, melancholic melodies that are easy to listen to."


Surrender Hill is much more than a man and a woman just singing together. On Their second album 'Right Here Right Now', Robin Dean Salmon and his partner Afton Seekins are once again performing strongly with heavenly harmony vocals and impressive country ballads that will easily help to put you in the right mood for an evening in the arms or your beloved. "


"Elements of Americana, Folk, Country and Singer/songwriter, sounding like a perfect cross between Bruce Springsteen, Rodney Crowell and Dolly Parton, both vocally and musically speaking. It all sounds very fresh and memorable, with a nice variety due to the use of both male and female lead vocals as well as sharing them. Although there are countless similar releases and in the past we have seen many album releases in this style, Surrender Hill delivers high quality and should therefore not be ignored."

"Surrender Hill deliver a packed collection of close harmony acoustic Americana and country rock."  "Undeniably absorbing listening."


"Surrender Hill is mostly a duo, but the two also work well inside a band. Salmon's voice has just the right amount of spit for country/folk music and Seekins adorns hers with small touches of nasal twang."

                                                                      VIDEO PREMIERE: “STILL SUMMER SKY” BY SURRENDER HILL

 “Still Summer Sky,” a snapshot of young love. “This song sometimes comes across as a ‘lost love’ song, which it partially is, but I wrote it more as a portrait of an ideal love story. A soul mate,” explains Afton Seekins. “I had just watched The Notebook,” she adds with a laugh. “’Still Summer Sky’ was one of the first songs I ever wrote and certainly the first love song. I honestly think it was a manifestation for me to find this sort of love.”